Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are your synthetic lawns similar to indoor/outdoor carpet or astro-turf?

A:  No. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, our high-quality
synthetic grasses look and feel very much like real grass.

Q:  Will my synthetic lawn require any maintenance?

A:  Other than an occasional sweeping or blowing off leaves to help the fibers stand up,
there is no maintenance required.

Q:  When it rains, will water pool-up on my synthetic lawn?

A:  No, our synthetic grasses all have a porous backing that allows water to drain
vertically into the ground at the rate of 40 gallons per hour per square foot.

Q:  Will pet waste damage my synthetic lawn?
A:  No. Pet urine will absorb into the ground or evaporate and other messes clean up
just as they would with natural grass without leaving a dead yellow patch!